More About Me

My road towards a Celiac diagnosis began with an annual physical.
Not feeling “sick”, I was shocked when my routine blood work showed that my enzyme levels(liver) were 5-6x higher than normal.  SCARY!
My primary care physican called me and ordered another round of blood work….”maybe there was an error?”, she said. 
Round 2 came back and the liver enzyme levels were still high.  In addition, my iron, B-12 and calcium levels were very low.
My PCP referred me to a Gastroenterologist and she immediately suspected Celiac Disease.
During all of this,  I discovered I was pregnant. The pregnancy through a loop in the situation because I couldn’t follow through with the recommended upper endoscopy, which is used to confirm Celiac. 
The pregnancy led to plan B. I proceeded with Genetic Testing from Enterolab. Those results showed 2 things:  my body wasn’t absorbing fat and I DID carry the gene for Celiac.
Soon after I proceeded with Enterolab, I miscarried(probably because of the Celiac and the fact that my body wasn’t absorbing enough nutrients).
As emotional of a time it was, I was grateful for the position to proceed with the endoscopy and determine what was going on with my body.
Sure enough, the endoscopy confirmed Celiac. BINGO!  
I ‘ve been gluten free for over a  year and I’m so grateful. Living gluten free can be challenging but, for me, it is worth the obstacles in order to live healthy.  

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