Custom Choice Cereal

Custom Choice Cereal  is a company that completely warms my heart and I couldn’t be more willing to review their cereals on my blog.

Not only does the company offer customized gluten free cereal mixes, the production facility is located in Durham, NC AND the owners developed their business plan while studying at UNC’s School of Business, AND they even incorporated carolina blue in their logo, as a tribute to the tar heels.  Raised in Chapel Hill how could I not be a supporter? Ha.

I have tried two cereal mixes and both were winners.


First up was Ernie’s Flakes(Ernie is my nickname).  It contained Corn Flakes with dried pears, dried cranberries and chopped pecans. 

Second up was Erin’s Mixalot. A combination of Good Morning Flakes, shredded coconut, sliced almonds and dried cherries.

Both arrived made to order and both contained fresh ingredients.

A great alternative to my stock of Chex cereals. 🙂


My only suggestion?  Expand the cereal base choices.  

Even if that idea isn’t in the company’s plans,  you can bet I’m a dedicated customer!!

Thanks Hajo, Patrick and all of the other Custom Choice Cereal staff.




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