Baba Joon’s Chocolate Chewies

Baba Joon’s   is a baking company housed in Eugene, Oregon which makes gluten free and dairy free cookies called Chocolate Chewies.

For a $2.95 shiipping & handling fee,  the company will send you  a chewy sample package, flavor of your choice.  I couldn’t resist the offer.

Yesterday I received some chocolate friends in the mail.

My sample choice:  peanut.

Three to a sample pack, gone in ~three minutes. 🙂


My thoughts:

A light and airy cookie,  filled with peanut bits and a mild chocolate flavor.

Not overly sweet.

Reminiscent of tea cookies. 

A different texture than expected.  Not really “chewy” per se…more along the lines of a soft inside with a thin layer of sugary crunch on the outside.

With no flour, no cholesterol and no preservatives….I’m a fan.


As a previous small business owner myself,  I’m all about supporting other small businesses….especially when they offer tasty gf products.

Visit the website  and sign up for a sample.

Thanks Baba Joon’s for supporting us gluten freeERS!



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