Bread by Gluten Free Houston

Howdy folks!

I ventured to the other side of Houston on Saturday to scope out A Moveable Feast, the cute little hippie health food store/restaurant that sells Gluten Free Houston’s products(if you missed my review of Randi’s muffins, check it out here).

Why is it that I can refrain myself from over-indulging in somthing lke clothes or shoes but I have ZERO restraint when it comes to food, let alone gluten free food?  I ponder.

I couldn’t pass up this loaf of dough, staring at me in the freezer section.  I immediately dreamt of fresh, hot bread from the oven.  A nice diversion from my frozen gluten free bagels that need defrosting in the microwave and toasting in the toaster.

The dough went from the freezer at A Moveable Feast, to my kitchen counter for about 3 hours, to my oven for 30 minutes…..


to this…….


to this…….a ham, muenster cheese, spinach, avocado, & mustard sandwich.


Us gluten freeERs know that most gf breads, in order to be edible,  need toasting.  While I usually fall into that category, I actually preferred this bread un-toasted.  The soft, buttery crumb was enough to hold its own.  I can’t even express to you the excitement. It was deeelish. 

The bread, with its smell and texture, brought back such good memories of my baking days at Eatzi’s….mixing and shaping Pan Au Lait. 

Thanks Randi.  You have done it again!



9 Responses

  1. Wow….talk about making me hungry!!! YUM!!! That sandwich can be on my plate anytime!! 🙂

  2. That bread looks amazing…I can’t even believe how good that looks.

  3. Oh my goodness. Gluten free bread that’s squishy. I think I just saw a pig fly by!!!

  4. lol
    adi, you always make me laugh 🙂

  5. I tried to get out there this weekend and check it out, but alas, it was not meant to be!
    Next weekend.

  6. I have tried Randi’s bread but the one that is fully cooked and oh boy I have to say in the 3 years I have been gluten-free I have not had a better bread than hers! It was so soft, smelled sooo yummy and tasted wonderful! And it lasted a few days without going rock hard like all the other breads, definitely will buy it again and again 😉

    • AJ,
      i completely agree with you in regards to randi’s bread. i actually prefer the already baked loaf….much easier for a working mom 🙂
      thanks for stopping by.

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