Monkey Pops


What started as a kids afternoon activity quickly turned into a mommy only activity.

To Leah and Alex, the arrival of a neighborhood friend sounded much more interesting than dipping bananas into chocolate. 🙂 

Oh well.  I tried.

Despite the lack of child assistants, I enjoyed my twenty minutes of solitude.

Funny how once the food project is over though, little bodies change their mind and come rushing into the kitchen, ready to eat.  

That’s ok.  That’s what moms are for(to the tune of That’s What Friends Are For).  Smile.

For the pop-a-roos….

I simply halved bananas and poked them with a popsicle stick.  I then melted semi-sweet chocolate in the microwave(about 30sec-1min), dipped the bananas in and topped them with toasted coconut and pecans.  Viola, monkey pops!

The pops completely covered with chocolate were too rich for me, which is why I switched to the half-dip and chocolate drizzle methods.  Much better in my opinion.

UPDATE: freezer monkey pops are the way to go!!  After the pops are dipped and topped, place them uncovered, in the freezer for a couple of hours.  They are stinkin’ good.

Eat ’em up monkeys!



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