Gluten Free Houston



Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet, Randi, a Celiac pioneer, who is working diligently to open a gluten free bakery in Houston.  So exciting!!!

Randi currently operates a gluten free catering business , called Gluten Free Houston, where she supplies items such as muffins, breads, and lasagna to A Moveable Feast.    While she is the supplier of these goodies, it is her hope that she will open a store front in the near future where she will provide gf goodies to go and gluten free breads & pizza dough to restaurants.   You go girl!

She was gracious enough to bring some samples of her blueberry and cinnamon coffee cake muffins  for my eating satisfaction.  OMG! They are wonderful. She has the texture  DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.  She even gave one to the Starbucks barista(who didn’t know what gluten free meant) but who ate the entire thing and commented how good it tasted.   He couldn’t resist that sugary, cinnamon muffin top.

Randi’s blog can be found here.  Spread the word.

P. S. I’m secretly hoping that, in the future, she will need a gluten free baker.  Specifically a gluten free baker by the name of Erin. 🙂  It would be beyond wonderful to return to my baking/bakery roots and also help the Celiac/gluten free community.

Thanks again Randi.  You have 100% of my support.



5 Responses

  1. Very cool!! It would be great if ended up with a baker named Erin one day. 😉

  2. hi kim!
    i’m dreaming. 🙂

  3. OOH! Yay!!

  4. jen,
    i know, right?
    btw…we should get together sometime and chat gf:)

  5. […] I ventured to the other side of Houston on Saturday to scope out A Moveable Feast, the cute little hippie health food store/restaurant that sells Gluten Free Houston’s products(if you missed my review of Randi’s muffins, check it out here). […]

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