The ABCs of Gluten Free Breadcrumbs


Amongst two separate bags of chopped pecans, two spiderman popsicles, a half  bag of coconut, a container of blueberries, a bag of cherries, a couple of Mexican paletas, a bag of french baguettes(not gf), an OLD bag of edamame, a package of gf pizza dough,and other things I can’t remember, I came across a loaf of Whole Foods Prairie Bread; buried in the freezer depths.

Lo and behold,  the loaf found its purpose tonight. Utilized for a meal of good ol’ chicken tenders(with sauteed veggies).   Black beans, crumbled Mexican cheese and corn tortillas not shown.

Oh baby, yeah. 

A laid back Chicken Tenders Recipe

  • Chicken, cut into strips
  • One small bowl with a couple of eggs and about 1 cup of milk.
  • Another small bowl filled with breadcrumbs…to which I add ground pepper and Old Bay seasoning(God’s greatest creation)
  • Heat skillet with a couple swirls of olive oil.
  • Dip chicken strips into egg/milk mixture and then coat with breadcrumbs.
  • Once skillet is hot, add tenders and cook until brown and crispy.

While I like bbq sauce, the kids like ketchup and mr. hubby likes salsa(the spicier the better).

As a bonus to today’s post,  I’ve included some step by step photos of the breadcrumb making process. 

If you are bored or you already know how to make breadcrumbs, feel free to skip the commentary and  photo collection.  I won’t be offended.  And…if you haven’t already discovered, I do use sarcasm quite often.


Yes, you do need some bread.  Any gluten free kind will do.

Break bread slices into cubes and add to processor. 


Grind away until crumbs form.  Hence the name breadcrumbs.

BTW…husbands LOVE hearing loud food processors while they’re trying to sleep. Ha.


Add crumbs to a very fancy storage container. Pop into the freezer, until ready to use.


What’s in your freezer?  Kind of like asking, what’s under your bed? 

Scary to think what lies under my bed.



4 Responses

  1. Oooh chicken tenders! You have now given me a craving.

    Man, Freezer contents. I just organized mine a few weeks ago. I have a ton of various bags of vegetables, random remnants of meals, a few different kinds of soup, chicken legs, 2 english muffins, some fruit, frozen waffles, nuts, pepperoni, flax seeds, xanthan gum, corn meal, a juice box, some tea bags, thinly sliced cucumbers (for sun burns)…. and a lot more. It’s really full and I need to clean it out! Maybe I’ll get creative one of these days.

    • hi jen!
      amazing what we can fit in our freezers. lol.
      i am intrigued about storing tea bags in the freezer. i store coffee there but i’ve never thought about storing tea bags. interesting.

  2. Ha, I know! The tea bags are actually old used tea bags that I freeze and place on burns. Works really well!

    • oh yea, i’ve actually heard that before but i’ve never used them for burns.
      i have used frozen corn though. LOL. seriously.

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