A lot about nothing

Please excuse the lack of food pictures and gluten free talk.

Instead, I bring you a post that has A LOT about nothing.  Reminiscent of Seinfeld, right?  Man, I love that show.  


First of all, how have I gone this long without  Google Reader?   I discovered the 100% gloriousness of this application today.  It truly makes my blog addiction easier.  It’s ok, you can call me a  technology grandma.

google reader

Second of all, what is happening to the soles of my shoes? Granted these are old but it seems pretty weird that both pairs, along with one pair of Angel’s shoes(which we threw away), all have the same sole issue. Can 100+ degree weather and humidity cause this?  I’m in awe.  As you can see, the black one is literally about to split in half and the brown one isn’t too far behind. Also, the brown one’s sole is peeling away in parts. Has this happened to anyone else? 



Third of all, I’m such a sucker for these “get to know you” type games/posts/whatever you want to call them.  When I saw this on Kim’s blog, I just had to participate.  A definite, fill the boredom at work, get to know you activity.  Smile.

I Am – Erin
I Want -a dog
I Have -a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children
I Wish -I could work part-time
I Hate -materialism
I Fear -being separated from my family
I Hear -lots of co-workers talking
I Search -blogs daily
I Wonder -how many people have Celiac and don’t know it
I Regret -the way I’ve handled some things in my past
I Love -family
I Ache -when children or animals are mistreated
I Always -check my email
I Usually -don’t sleep late
I Am Not – a leader
I Dance -when I hear a good song
I Sing -in my car
I Never -drive without my seatbelt
I Rarely -answer my phone
I Cry -when I’m mad
I Am Not Always -the healthiest eater
I Lose -my mind when the kids don’t obey
I’m Confused -about technology
I Need -an IPod
I Should -be working
I Dream -about moving out of the city
I hope-my children will find their niche in life
I feel-bloated
I appreciate-the opportunities in my life

What lessons have you learned this year? 

  • to never take one’s health for granted;
  • blogs are my saving grace
  • if you don’t have family & friends, you have nothing




8 Responses

  1. You & I are so much alike, it is scary!

    I have a pair of clogs that the same thing happened to.

    Seinfeld is one of my all time fav shows! Love the “Soup Nazi” and the “Sponge Worthy” episodes. 🙂

    I need to check out google reader. I have RSS feeds coming into my outlook, but I can’t see them on my itouch when I am not at home with my laptop. If I had google reader, I think it would work better.

    • i KNOW kim! i feel the same way about our similarities. 🙂
      i almost posted a picture of the soup nazi but figured a group shot of the cast would be more representative. LOL
      you’ll luv google reader!

  2. Google Reader is the way to go.

    And yes, I’ve had two shoes break like that. They were both the same (expensive) brand, and both years ago now.

  3. A lot about nothing — but a lot of enjoyable reading! 🙂

  4. I have a pair of shoes that is doing the same thing. And I’m annoyed because I really like those shoes!

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