Gluten Free La Tortilla Factory Pizza Wrap

Amazing how God works.  Amazing how friends are brought into our lives.

Back in May, Kim at Gluten Free is Life, gave me a blogger award. From that point on, we discovered many similarities about each other, and a friendship began. 

We have not met in person but funny how you can just tell through reading each other’s blogs and exchanging emails that she is a friend.  I just know.

As Oprah once said, “I don’t believe in accidents…I know for sure that everything in life happens to help us live.”

Anyways a couple of weeks ago Kim and I got on a discussion about tortilla wraps, deli wraps, etc.  She asked if I had tried the La Tortilla Factory Teff  Wraps in which I said “no”. A trip to the local Kroger later, I  told her I was having trouble finding the wraps. Solution? Kim sends me a package in the mail(along with my Mary’s Gone Crackers/coupon I won on her blog).  Everybody say awwwww.

THANKS again Kim!!!


Now the food.  🙂

The La Tortilla Factory Ivory Teff wraps are huge compared to my usual corn tortillas.  The size  instantly reminded me of a large flour tortilla.  When I opened the bag, the smell of honey struck me.  Although honey is indeed one of the ingredients, the flavor didn’t dominate and the wrap didn’t taste sweet.

Not really sure how to “cook” the wrap, I decided to heat it up like I would a tortilla.  As you’ve already guessed, I made a pizza wrap; tomato sauce,  sliced red peppers,  Hormel’s bite sized pepperoni and monterrey jack cheese.  Carrots on the side.


Kim warned me that I may get addicted to these wraps and she is right.  They are MARAVILLOSO!!!  So, so, so good. 

As you can imagine the filling choices are endless. A perfect sandwich alternative.  One day I will make Kim’s suggestion,  a turkey, provolone, basil, pear, spinach, mustard wrap.  Creative huh?

Back to my “real” job,



4 Responses

  1. Erin,

    I am so glad that you liked them!!! What a great idea, pizza wrap! I will have to keep that on the down-low from Jon…perhaps when he is in school next week! LOL!! I did find a new source to buy these locally….Meijer, a grocery store here just remodeled & added a HUGE GF section & carries these! I spoke with the manager & basically hugged her and thanked her and told her I was so happy that they were so accommodating!

    I love the quote you used from Oprah…I totally agree. 🙂

    Your friend,


    • good for you kim.
      when i was searching for the La Tortilla wraps i also told the manager how much i appreciated the wonderful display of gf things
      if we keep on expressing our gratitude to the grocery stores, we’ll hopefully continue to see gf products…new and old.

  2. Hmmm you say these are from Kroger? I will keep an eye out!

    • hi jen,
      yes, kim bought the pkg @ kroger(ohio).
      i looked at the kroger on 59/buffalo spdway but couldn’t find them….
      knowing you and your scouting techniques, i’m sure you’ll find them somewhere. 🙂

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