Tuesdays with Dorie-Gluten Free Brownie Buttons



It feels good to be back in the TWD groove.  Amazing how life just happens and things get pushed aside.

This week’s TWD pick, Brownie Buttons, comes from Jayma at Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen.

I love the name brownie buttons; it implies such cuteness, doesn’t it?

These buttons may be cute but they are dangerous….so easy to pop 1…2…3…4 into your mouth without even thinking twice.  Thankfully the kids and the hubby helped the baker. 🙂

The original recipe calls for a white chocolate top but I wanted to change things up a bit. I added a peanut butter button top(peanut butter chips melted with a little milk to make a dipping consistancy) and I’m so glad I made that decision.  Wowza!

To make the brownies gluten free, I simply substituted Pamela’s baking mix for the 1/4 cup AP flour.  I also eliminated the orange zest, as I didn’t think orange flavor and PB sounded too appealing?!?!? 

Thanks Jayma(what a cool name) for a great Dorie selection.  Check out her blog and the recipe here.

See you next tuesday for Applesauce Spice Bars.



8 Responses

  1. Those look just adorable. I didn’t frost mine at all.

  2. I will gladly be your meal planner if you bake me brownie buttons!! 🙂

  3. Wow, those brownie buttons look great! Love the PB glaze! Peanut butter goes soo well with chocolate! And I agree, the orange zest might have put the flavor off its mark!

  4. Those little buttons are cute as a – and with the pb – perfect.

  5. I love the peanut butter idea! That’s my favorite combination I’ll have to try Pamela’s Baking Mix. I’ve been using millet flour with success, but I’m open to new ideas!

    • Hi Erin!
      I’m open to new ideas too….thanks for mentioning millet flour—I haven’t tried it in any of my gf baking.
      BTW, love your name. 🙂

  6. the peanut butter topping sounds divine. that’s like so darn innovative. *beams*

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