The face behind the blog


WoW! Nothing like a LARGE picture of myself 🙂 .

I guess the saying holds true that everything is bigger in Texas. HA.

Personally, I’m not really into the whole, share every aspect of your life part of blogging but I must admit that I  like to see a snapshot of the blogger’s world.  Not  in a creepy sense by any means, just a simple photo that puts a visual to the writer’s posts, their recipes, etc.

With those thoughts in mind and in response to a tag by, Gluten Free Mom , I present 7 things you may not know about me.

A slight glimpse into my world….

1) I was born in Delaware, OH. Raised in Chapel Hill, NC.  Lived in Raleigh, NC; Blacksburg, VA; Hyde Park, NY.  Currently call Houston, TX home.

2) I’m a care counselor @ United Behavioral Health by day and a mommy/wife/blogger/baker/house-cleaner, etc.  by night & weekend.

3) I took 7+ years of Spanish in school, I’m married to a fluent Spanish speaker and I still can’t speak the language.

4) I’m the only one in my family known to have Celiac Disease.

5) Angel(my husband) and I had an at-home cake business for 4 years which we closed after my Celiac diagnosis.

6) I’m a morning person 100% and I’ve recently discovered that AM physical activity is the key to my exercise consistancy.

7) Some things I can’t live without: jeans, “something sweet after dinner”, Mary Kay skin care products, George Strait, my family, laughter, sarcasm.

I’m going to break the tagging rules a bit and not specifically tag certain people/blogs.  If you decide to post 7 things about you,  I would LUV it.  And…let me know so I can read your tidbits :).



8 Responses

  1. Erin!!! I had no idea you were born in Delaware, OH!! I live less than 10 min from there in Lewis Center! We have lived in central Ohio since 1985, when I was 12!

    Cool facts!! 🙂

    I will do a post on my 7 things here shortly 🙂

    • OMG! What a small world Kim 🙂 I lived in Delaware until I was 5. We still have a lot of family in the Delaware/Columbus area. I’m off to read your 7 things

  2. […] Face Behind the Blog Jump to Comments Erin over at Gluten Free with a Purpose did a cool post on 7 things about her & asked if anyone wanted to participate & to their […]

  3. kim,
    unfortunately, we don’t make it to ohio that often but i will definitely let you know.

  4. Since when do you like George Strait?!?! Living in Texas must have rubbed off on you.

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