Tuesdays with Dorie-Honey Peach Ice Cream-Gluten Free




Ice cream…..YAY!!

This week’s TWD …….Honey Peach Ice Cream…..YAY!!

Although I couldn’t taste any honey ūüôā , it¬†was still ¬†CREAM-A-LICIOUS¬† and PEACH-A-RIFIC….YAY!!

Naturally gluten free…..YAY!!

Let’s Do ¬†gluten free ice cream cones…..double YAY!!

Thanks Tommi!¬† Click here¬†to check out Tommi’s blog and click here to find the recipe.

Have you had your ice cream today?¬† I have….YAY!!




Whole Foods Pizza Crust


Quite simply, the Whole Foods Gluten Free bakehouse  is my dream job. 

Not only would it allow me to resume my pre-celiac bakery job days, but it would also allow me to live close to my NC family!!  One day.  Dream, dream, dream. 

NOTE:¬† I actually contacted the bakehouse a couple of months ago, hoping to get a tour and ¬†a chance to talk with the baking staff, but they don’t open production to the public.¬†¬† DARN!¬†

Anyways, you may or may not remember my Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust review?!?!¬† If you don’t,¬† this will refresh your memory.¬† In a nut shell, that pizza ROCKED.

Well, I have found another gf crust to join the All-Star team; Whole Foods GF Pizza Crust. 

Amongst other delicious looking baked goods, this crust caught my eye¬†in the Whole Foods freezer section¬†a few weeks ago. ¬†The crusts stay frozen until you’re ready to defrost, bake and eat.¬† Two crusts to a pack; one pack about $6 or so buckaroos(¬†I can’t remember the exact price).¬† ¬†Not too shabby considering the price you pay for a delivery pizza; which totally debunks the myth that all gf foods are more expensive than “regular” foods. ūüôā

I thawed mine for about 30-45min(which means, yes, planning is involved) and topped the crust with sauce, portabello mushrooms and jalapeno jack cheese.

What’s nice about this crust is that it doesn’t require¬†“the pre-bake step” like Bob’s.¬†¬† You just thaw and bake.¬† The crust is thicker and softer than Bob’s and it reminds me of California Pizza Kitchen’s whole wheat crust.¬† Yum!¬†

Straight out of the oven, I liked each of these crusts the same.¬† However, ¬†the leftovers prize goes to Bob’s.¬† In my opinion, the thinner crust held better overnight in the fridge.¬† Oh, how I luv cold pizza.¬† Breakfast anyone?



Gluten Free Pineapple Upside Down Cake


In a continuation of “clean out the fridge dinner”, I present….

“clean out the pantry dessert”. ūüôā

With the help of Pamela’s Classic Vanilla Cake Mix, I made a homestyle favorite, Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

This was the first time I tried Pamela’s cake mix.¬†¬† This wasn’t THE BEST cake I’ve eaten, as it did leave a somewhat salty taste in my mouth, but I would definitely buy the mix again.¬†¬†It’s one of those pantry staples that¬†comes in handy for a quick, spur of the moment,¬†dessert.

Honestly, I enjoyed the caramalized brown sugar/pineapple/butter mixture more than the cake as a whole. Those pineapplely, sugary, crunchy corners left me yearning for vanilla ice-cream.¬† Ahhhhh!¬† Just keepin’ it real folks!


  • 1 bag of cake mix
  • 1/4 cup oil(I used canola)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk(I used skim)


  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 can pineapple slices
  • maraschino cherries/chopped pecans(optional) Note: I didn’t have cherries so I sprinkled pecans over the pineapples, before adding the batter.¬† As you can see in the picture, during the baking process, they found their way throughout the cake….not a bad thing, by any means.


Preheat oven to 325. Melt butter in microwave and add to 9×13 pan.¬† Sprinkle brown sugar over butter and place pineapple rings, side by side, on top.¬† Sprinkle pecans or place cherries in center of pineapple.¬† Mix all cake ingredients together and pourly evenly over pineapple.¬† Bake for 25-30 minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes, then invert cake onto plate.


Gluten Free Summer Vegetable Scramble


Summer vegetable scramble or¬† AKA “clean out your fridge dinner”.

These dinners are¬†often the tastiest because my expectation is low ūüôā . I don’t spend any extra money and I don’t spend any time planning a menu or shopping for ingredients. If it doesn’t turn out, or it tastes horrible, well..nothing wasted.¬†

The clean-out prevailed.

Fresh ingredients and simple flavors created this light, summer meal which made my tummy happy.

This isn’t¬†a recipe per se but here is how I put the dish together :

I sauteed some fresh green beans and tomatoes in olive oil, added 4 eggs into the pan(scrambled them up), and added Queso Fresco(a very mild, fresh Mexican cheese). Added a few shakes of salt and pepper.  Viola!

Stay tuned for a classic, homestyle dessert ….

Off to the pool with the kiddos.


The face behind the blog


WoW! Nothing like a LARGE picture of myself ūüôā .

I guess the saying holds true that everything is bigger in Texas. HA.

Personally, I’m not really into the whole, share every aspect of your life part of blogging but I must admit that I¬† like to see a snapshot of the blogger’s world.¬†¬†Not¬† in a creepy sense by any means, just a simple¬†photo that¬†puts a visual to¬†the writer’s¬†posts, their recipes, etc.

With those thoughts in mind and in response to a tag by, Gluten Free Mom , I present 7 things you may not know about me.

A¬†slight glimpse into my world….

1) I was born in Delaware, OH. Raised in Chapel Hill, NC.  Lived in Raleigh, NC; Blacksburg, VA; Hyde Park, NY.  Currently call Houston, TX home.

2)¬†I’m a care counselor @ United Behavioral Health by day and a mommy/wife/blogger/baker/house-cleaner, etc. ¬†by night & weekend.

3) I took 7+ years of Spanish in school, I’m married to a¬†fluent Spanish speaker¬†and I still can’t speak the language.

4) I’m the only one in my family known to have Celiac Disease.

5) Angel(my husband) and I had an at-home cake business for 4 years which we closed after my Celiac diagnosis.

6) I’m a morning person 100% and I’ve recently discovered that AM physical activity is the key to my exercise consistancy.

7) Some things I can’t live without: jeans, “something sweet after dinner”, Mary Kay skin care products, George Strait, my family, laughter, sarcasm.

I’m going to break the tagging rules a bit and not specifically tag certain people/blogs.¬† If you¬†decide to¬†post 7 things about you,¬† I would LUV it.¬† And…let me know so I can read your tidbits :).


Tuesdays with Dorie-Cinnamon Squares-Gluten Free


It is official….. I have decided to purchase stock in bittersweet chocolate. The amount of chocolate that I have used since joining this baking group is phenomenal.¬† LOL. I truly believe that it is Dorie’s favorite ingredient ūüôā .

Ironically…..minus the chocolate topping(just too rich)…this is one of my favorite TWD recipes(the lemon yogurt cake and the mango bread still ranking # 1).¬† The cinnamon, mocha and chocolate flavors mingle so nicely together.¬† I’m always a sucker for coffee cake type goodies. You?

My substitutions:

  • 1 cup brown rice flour, 1/4cup + 1/8cup potato starch, 1/4cup +1/8cup tapioca starch for the AP flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum
  • ground coffee in place of the ground espresso powder(didn’t have any)

Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures chose this week’s TWD.¬†

Check out her blog and the recipe  here.

Happy Tuesday!