The 30 Day Shred Challenge is COMPLETE!!


Mission accomplished and I feel proud:)

Although I didn’t  Shred  for 30 days straight(I started March 12 and finished April 25), I did complete 30 days of shredding.  A success in my eyes.

Summary and thoughts:

-As much of a mental challenge as a physical challenge!

-Thanks Jillian, you DEFINITELY got me in the exercise groove again. YAY! 

-I can’t say that I shredded any weight(because I didn’t modify my eating)but my arms and abs, in particular, gained phenominal strength. On day 1, I couldn’t even do 1 push-up OR complete all of the ab exercises.  By day 30, I was able to successfully complete the plank push-ups and full sit-ups.

-AM workouts are the BEST!! I found I was more consistant with the shred when I exercised in the morning, before the kids got out of bed. On the days I didn’t shred in the AM, I found every excuse not to exercise and ended up not exercising. Period.

-My knees are not as young as I remember. I really noticed how they have aged. The high impact exercises were sometimes painful and I had to modify some of the jumping and lunges to accomodate. NOTE: I hate mountain climbers!!

-Some days I found myself with a lot of energy . On these days I went to the gym AND shredded. Not the best idea. When I did this, my energy for shredding was sub-par and my body felt overworked.  Erin, more exercise isn’t necessarily better.

 Although I prefer walks outside or eliptical workouts at the gym,  I will continue to incorporate The Shred into my exercise routine. No doubt.

Have you shredded today?




2 Responses

  1. You go girl!!!
    Mama’s proud of you!

  2. Very cool! That’s great that Shredding has been so positive for you.

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