A Celiac and her supplements



It seems a bit weird talking about vitamins, especially when my preference is to post about food, but I thought this might be interesting to some. 

I, like many others who are diagnosed with Celiac, suffer nutrient loss.  For me, I have to keep a close watch on my iron, B-12 and calcium levels…. which, by the way, were “normal” at my yearly physical in March. YAY!  Affirmation that a gf diet does work, small intestines do heal and vitamins definitely help.

This is what I take every day with breakfast:

1 Women’s multivitamin which supports heart health,  bone strength and breast health…..along with giving me an iron and B-12 boost!

 1 OS-CAL calcium supplement which contains Vitamin D.  Osteoporosis runs in my family so I’m doing my best to avoid that diagnosis. Celiac is enough 🙂  I take another one at dinnertime.

2 Glucosamine softgels that contain MSM and that help the renewal of cartilage in my aging knees. Oh, how they hurt sometimes…especially when I engage in high-impact exercises. Yes shred, I’m talking about you. I take another one at dinnertime.

1 Culterelle which was introduced to me by a co-worker. It is a natural dietary supplement that improves digestive health by restoring the natural balance of good bacteria in my digestive tract. Cool.

For all you other CeliacERS….what, if any, supplements do you take?

30 Day Shred Challenge Update

2 more days to go!!  Stay tuned for my Shred recap!

To a healthy day!



6 Responses

  1. just discovered your blog–thought you may like to check out mine some time. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting that info Erin. I am one of the readers who found it interesting 🙂
    I’m not diagnosed celiac, but I proably should be taking a vitamin or some kind… hmm…

  3. Do they make that Culterelle stuff for babies? I think Ella could use some to help combat her wicked gas! 🙂

  4. Adi,
    I’m glad that I’m not the only one interested in vitamins and such 🙂

    LOL. I’ll keep my eyes open !

  5. I know this is an old post, but I find this interesting too. I just started eating gluten-free (well, just started again) and I know I need to be taking some supplements but haven’t been sure what was best. This gives me some good ideas…thanks!

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