Tuesdays with Dorie: Blueberry Crumb Cake-Gluten Free



Sihan of Befuddlement chose this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie. An ooey, gooey(ok not really this but I just like writing those words), blueberry, brown sugar, walnut topped coffee cake.  Can it really get any better than that?

I publicly announce that I have no will power when it comes to fresh, made from scratch desserts.  I can’t get enough of a good thing.  One bite always leads to two, which leads to three…..!  It is a fact that I have dessert weakness; no doubt.  I guess that is why most of my posts contain sweet things 🙂

It still amazes me every time a gluten free dessert is a success.  I truly have no need to feel deprived of non gluten free goodies….the gluten free versions taste JUST AS GOOD! Trust me.

I loved how the topping ingredients caramelized together and created a crunchy, sugary contrast to the soft cake.  AHHHHH! The cake has just the right amount of blueberries;  where you get some blueberries in each bite but where they don’t overpower the texture.  My only complaint, which isn’t really a complaint(smile,) is thatI honestly couldn’t taste any lemon flavor.  I didn’t feel like the lemon zest added anything special. Next time I will try substituting lemon extract for the vanilla extract in order to UP the citrus. Yeah baby.

To make the cake gluten free, I substituted Pamela’s baking mix for the AP flour and eliminated the salt, baking powder and baking soda.  Easy peasy folks.

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30 Day Shred Challenge Update(that’s a mouth full)

Bye Bye level 1!  Say hello to Level 2! 10 days of shred are history…20 more days to go.  I’m looking forward to a new workout and new comments from Jillian.  I think I’ve memorized the whole Level 1 dialogue, including Jillian’s “buddy and phoning into the gym comments” 🙂  I’ve got to watch my knees though, as they seem to hurt when doing a lot of the higher impact exercises.  I may just have to modify some of the moves.   Bring it on Jillian!




9 Responses

  1. Glad this one worked out for you! We loved it at our house.

  2. I bet putting your mango ice cream on top of the blueberry crumb cake would be a REAL treat!!!
    Can you come to my house and bake?!?!?!?

  3. That looks yummy!

  4. Yours looks so good! We loved this cake 🙂

  5. Well- how cool for you that you were able to make it the way you needed to and it came out perfect! I feel that way when I am able to make something nut free – success!!

  6. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the cake as much as me.

    Janice- now you’re talking. i hadn’t even thought about combining the ice cream with the cake 🙂

    Megan- it IS such a success when we bake/cook something that is allergen free!

  7. Looks perfecty ooey gooey to me. Great job.

  8. that is amazing that your cake came out as wonderful as it looked, considering all the adjustments! i love it, and am so impressed. makes me want to try some of those substitutions too. great job.

  9. It sounds like your results were very similar to the regular recipe, with the yummy topping and all!

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