chobani-peach2I know a lot of folks who don’t care for yogurt.

I don’t fall in that category. I’ve always loved yogurt, even craved it at times.

Since going Gluten Free, I find myself frequenting Whole Foods(a Celiac’s heaven). On one such excursion, I bought a Chobani Greek yogurt. Let me tell you, it is hard for me to eat “regular”(non-Greek) yogurt anymore.  Despite the price tag, I’m hooked.

Not only is it GF, it is cholesterol free and fat free.  It is protein rich and has no added preservatives, artificial sweetners or growth hormones. Just all natural, thick and creamy, good for you food.

Peach is my favorite, but the blueberry, strawberry and vanilla are all scrumptious too.


5 Responses

  1. Fage is pretty good too!!

  2. Carolyn,
    Good to know. Fage is on my “to try” list 🙂

  3. Hi there!

    I see that you’re a fan of Greek yogurt and I’d love to send you some coupons to give Stonyfield Farm Oikos Organic a try. Though it has not been certified Gluten Free yet, there is no gluten in it! Also, it is the only organic Greek yogurt on the market today. Just shoot me an email with your blog name and mailing address if you’re interested! I can be reached at

    Take care,
    Stonyfield Farm

  4. Are you sure that Oikos is gluten free? I tried it for a few weeks and experienced symptoms related to eating gluten – symptoms of IBS and hungry all of the time. I stopped eating it and the symptoms went away.

    I switched to Fage and have not experienced any symptoms.

    • Hi Suzy,
      Oikos hasn’t been certified Gluten Free but it doesn’t contain gluten(see the comment above yours from Stonyfield)
      Sorry to hear it didn’t agree with you. At least Fage works…that is awesome too 🙂

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