TWD: Sugar Cookies Gone Wrong





This week’s pick was from Ulrike @ Kuchenlatein; Grandma’s All Occasion Sugar Cookies. 

These really were supposed to be stars and hearts. I promise.

Bakers aren’t perfect, but I don’t think Grandma would be too proud.

I had such high, Gluten Free hopes. The batter mixed nicely, the batter chilled beautifully and the batter cut perfectly. I even coated them with cinnamon and sugar, hoping to give them a sparkle and a shine. What went wrong?

I would sooner think that there just wasn’t enough protein to keep the cookie structure. Or maybe the excessive spreading was caused by mismeasuring the butter or maybe I creamed the butter & sugar too much? A celiac baker can only guess. A celiac baker will try again.

 This recipe taught me two valuable lessons:

1) gluten is an amazing thing; something we shouldn’t take for granted.

2) darn it, Pamela’s baking mix may not be “the go to flour substitute” for all of my GF baking.

Oh well, life is challenging sometimes:)

Until next time, Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Bake on!



14 Responses

  1. What a bummer! Keep trying and you will come up with something, I’m sure.

  2. oh no! sorry to hear that… i bet they still tasted good, though 🙂 this recipe has a little more flour and no egg yolk. maybe that would help?

  3. Kim,
    Thanks a bunch for the sugar cookie link!
    There has to be a successful recipe :):)

  4. Oh I tried making them with Pamelas , and mine flopped as well.!!! I think there is TOO much leavening in the Pamela’s mix, which is why they spread so. I have found Pamela’s to be terrific in cupcakes, muffins and cake. Not so much cookies…. 😦


    Gluten Free Girls recipe looks pretty good too! I have tried several of hers, and they are always fantastic. 🙂

  6. At least you tried! And for that, Grandma would be proud!!!

  7. Hey at least you gave it a shot! Never give up!

  8. what a shame – but I hope you try again, and you find the right ingredients.

  9. While it’s not homemade, check out my post on Cherrybrook Kitchen GF mix:

  10. I’m just finding you after my gf disaster on this week’s TWD Berry Cake. I was trying to bake for a celiac friend, so all I had was Bob’s. Which didn’t work for me, but maybe the eggs deflated from too much mixing… Anyway, I wonder if you chilled these cookies after cutting them – froze them even – if they would hold their shape better during baking?

  11. haha oh no! I have an excellent sugar cookie recipe on my site that also does cut outs really well!! you should check it out! I can’t wait to hear how Zpizza goes…you must blog about it!

  12. Katie,
    Thanx for the sugar cookie recipe !
    I’m definitely going to try it.

  13. This exact same thing happened to me this Christmas when I tried to make sugar cookies!!

    Such a bummer!

  14. […] haven’t had the best of luck with making gf cookies; the spreading seems to get the best of me.  With that being said, I just wasn’t sure […]

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