TWD: Arborio Rice Pudding



Today I bring you Arborio Rice Pudding(or as it is known at our house, Leche con Arroz).

Isabelle at Les gourmandises d’Isa chose this week’s TWD.

Me, excited…why? Because this pick is naturally Gluten Free…no adaptations or substitutions. Pamela’s Baking mix stayed in the cupboard.

You may be thinking….rice, sugar , and milk…. together? For dessert?

Trust me.  Whether you choose to drink/eat it warm or cold, your tastebuds will thank you.

A big round of applause to my wonderful hubby, who puts me to shame and makes Leche con Arroz without a recipe, suggested I steep the milk and sugar with cinnamon sticks. What a great suggestion, as it really “upped” the flavor.  Those Mexican roots come in handy.

The recipe states that the rice should only take about 30minutes.  However, when I reached the 30 minute mark, my rice was still undercooked and there was a ton of unabsorbed liquid.  So…my baking intuition stepped in and told me to keep the rice simmering.  At about 45min, I tasted the rice and it was definitely cooked so I pulled it off the burner, with hopes that the liquid would absorb overnight. No such luck.  This morning it still didn’t have a pudding consistancy. I think the recipe calls for too much milk. Next time I will try reducing the milk by ~1/2-1cup and see if that helps. Tasty nonetheless.

Bake on!



5 Responses

  1. Ooo – cinnamon sticks would make this just heavenly. Sounds like a hit!

  2. Leche con arroz sounds great…especially with the seeped cinnamon. YUM!

  3. The cinnamon sounds really delicious. Nice job!

  4. It sounds so much better in Spanish!!! And I love the addition of the cinnamon sticks!

  5. That looks so nice with the cinnamon sticks sticking out!

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