Pros & Cons : A 3 Month Update

Yep. It has officially been 3 months since my Celiac diagnosis and I thought I would share pros and cons of what I’ve discovered so far.
Have you ever heard that doing something for 30 days will make it a habit? Well, it is true. Living and eating GF is a lifestyle for me now and I don’t even think twice about “cheating”.

1) Even though my iron levels have not been retested since my diagnosis, I feel confident to say that between,going gluten free and taking a daily iron supplement , my anemia has improved. How can I tell? I have more energy AND I no longer have the desire to chew ice.
My dad, my husband and my dentist are all happy.
2) Prior to my diagnosis, I had these small, red bumps on my hands…somewhat itchy, somewhat sore. Well, they are GONE. And…these little stinkers(AKA Dermatitis Herpetiformis) have proven, post diagnosis, to be an indicator when I accidentally get “glutenated”.
3) I’ve rediscovered the beauty in naturally, GF foods; fruits, veggies, potatoes, rice, and meat. I no longer buy or eat anything prepackaged that has a B*TTload of preservatives and mystery ingredients.
4) I can still bake and GF baking is GOOD!!
5) There is a wealth of online Celiac support. God bless the computer, the internet and blogs.

1) I have to admit that living GF is not always convenient. It requires planning and it sometimes brings jealousy.
I can no longer enjoy my favorite restaurants. I can no longer agree to a Friday night pizza or fajitas from my favorite mexican restaurant. Sure I can join the company, but company without the food isn’t always fun.
Grocery shopping now involves reading, reading, and reading labels. I can no longer just grab things off the shelf.
If food is prepared by someone else, and it is offered to me, I have to ask what ingredients they used, is there a chance for cross contamination, etc.
Do you get the picture?
2) An unpredicted weight gain. Yuck! Not too much but enough that my clothes fit differently:) I’m still reading about this, but from what I’ve learned, it is probably caused by a couple of things. My small intestine is healing and it is now able to absorb nutrients….AND…eating gluten free carbs, such as bagels & and baked goodies; all of which are very caloric and not very nutrient rich.
Sooooo……I have begun a period of mindful eating. Really paying attention to what I put in my mouth and listening to my body for the true signs of hunger. I’m hoping with this and my increase in exercise, I will eliminate the Celiac 15(sort of like the freshman 15).

All in all, I feel very thankful for my diagnosis. Kind of a weird statement to say, but I’m appreciative that Celiac is something managable and living GF is something that is proving to provide a healthy lifestyle(minus the GF desserts). 🙂

Bake on!


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