TWD: GF Pumpkin Muffins

Yes, last week I took a brief hiatus from TWD. No fault to my fellow TWD bakers or to Dorie herself, other things just took priority 🙂

This week’s pick came from Kelly at Sounding my Barbaric Gulp. I very timely choice, considering it is Fall and Halloween is just around the corner.

After baking these muffins, I am now 100% convinced that living a gluten free life does NOT mean I can no longer enjoy DELICIOUS desserts. This is exciting news considering that baking, before being diagnosed with Celiac, was a large part of life. I am happy to know that I can continue doing what I love.
I do wonder sometimes if my satisfaction with the recipes is because I’m so desperate for a sweet treat, that I’ll eat anything that is homemade and has sugar, or if the recipe is truly reminiscent of “the real thing”. To solve this, I have enlisted the hubby as my official taste-tester. For those interested in facts, 3 out of my 4 latest GF baking attempts, he ruled that the GF version tasted just the same.
Could a GF bakery be on the horizon?

Back to the recipe. I absolutely loved the addition of golden raisins and pecans in these pumpkin muffins. In fact, I can’t see myself using regular raisins again, even in something like oatmeal/raisin cookies. To me, the golden raisins are a bit more appealing to the eye and lend a little more sweetness to the muffin. I didn’t have any sunflower seeds on hand to “decorate” the top but I don’t think it would have added too much in terms of flavor. I do however, think they would have helped with my photografia.

Once again, I substituted the FABULOUS Pamela’s Baking Mix for the AP flour and the baking soda in Dorie’s recipe. My next baking challenge will be to venture from this “pre-made” flour mix and create my own. No guarantee as to when that will happen, but that is my goal. For now, Pamela’s provides convenience and dependability, which I need during my busy weeks.

Bake on!


4 Responses

  1. i’m so glad you found a recipe you can enjoy so much!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed these GF! I didn’t have golden raisins when I made the recipe, but I have bought some since and plan to make these again with the goldens!

  3. Wow great to know you just used Pamelas mix for these, and made the adjustments for BS & BP. Do you always have success with Pamelas? I tried to use it this weekend with my pumpkin bread recipe and it bombed! Just curious… as I try generally to eat GF all the time. But when I bake I find it challenging and just do the recipes the way they are supposed to be, and give them away. 😦

  4. HoneyB- YES, you should try them w/ golden raisins. YUM!

    Carolyn-Thanks for your post. I’m sure there are many “pre-made” GF flour mixes, but I have found Pamela’s to be the best. In fact I just bought a 4lb bag yesterday 🙂
    It doesn’t produce the somewhat “gritty texture” I’ve tasted with other brands, like the Whole Foods variety. Keep trying and don’t give up! Baking can involve a lot of trial and error.

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