Today’s word is PROACTIVE

This week I put 100% faith in my dentist. It probably wasn’t the right decision but I learned a lesson.

If you didn’t already know, the g-word(aka GLUTEN), can be found in dental products; toothpaste, flouride, etc.
I confirmed this AFTER my dental appointment.

The thought that this may be true came to my head as I lay on the dental chair, ready for my cleaning. Hmmm.
I proceeded to ask the dentist and the hygentist if any of their products contained GLUTEN. As I suspected, they both gave me an “I’m not sure” look and answered “I’m pretty sure they don’t”. Ok. Well that didn’t leave me too convinced but I wasn’t about to cancel my appointment right then and there. Heck, I had just driven 30 minutes in rush hour traffic. Smile.

Lesson learned : I must be PROACTIVE
In the future :
I will call ahead and ask for a list of product ingredients.
I will research the ingredients and
I will, if needed, call the manufacturer.


4 Responses

  1. Oh the things we learn………quite an interesting journey isn’t it???

  2. …what had gluten in it??

  3. hi jen,
    i’m not even 100% sure that any of the dental products had gluten?!?!? maybe none?!?!
    i learned though, before my next check-up appt., i will investigate the ingredients…just to be sure 🙂

  4. Ohhh, I thought that one of the things they use for teeth cleaning specifically had gluten in it … I had never thought about it either!

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