Today’s word is PROACTIVE

This week I put 100% faith in my dentist. It probably wasn’t the right decision but I learned a lesson.

If you didn’t already know, the g-word(aka GLUTEN), can be found in dental products; toothpaste, flouride, etc.
I confirmed this AFTER my dental appointment.

The thought that this may be true came to my head as I lay on the dental chair, ready for my cleaning. Hmmm.
I proceeded to ask the dentist and the hygentist if any of their products contained GLUTEN. As I suspected, they both gave me an “I’m not sure” look and answered “I’m pretty sure they don’t”. Ok. Well that didn’t leave me too convinced but I wasn’t about to cancel my appointment right then and there. Heck, I had just driven 30 minutes in rush hour traffic. Smile.

Lesson learned : I must be PROACTIVE
In the future :
I will call ahead and ask for a list of product ingredients.
I will research the ingredients and
I will, if needed, call the manufacturer.


Thank you Walmart


Words and thoughts have come back to haunt me. 

Truth be told, I have never liked Walmart.  Especially here in Houston.  Too crowded inside and too scary outside. Why is it that people find it pleasurable to hang out in a store’s parking lot at all hours of the day?

Fast forward to August 2008.  I now have feelings of JOY towards Walmart. Why? Because they offer a great selection of, clearly labeled, GLUTEN FREE products that are priced like “regular” groceries. Thank you Walmart. Thank you for leading the food industry and helping the Gluten free community.  You and your Great Value labels have made my life easier. Thank you.

Hello world!

Let the Gluten Free blogging begin!